2A is a company specialising in modern technologies of metal working. We are one of the most dynamically developing enterprises in the Polish market, operating in a specific line of business, i.e. CNC machining. Our partners are mainly the contracting parties pursuing business activity on the area of the European Union. Experience gained since 2007 allows us to operate within numerous areas of industry.

The company employs qualified personnel with extensive experience in the scope of machining and a modern machine park, owing to which we are able to perform the tasks you entrust to us, observing top quality standards and offering short periods of execution.

In order to extend the scope of rendered services we cooperate with certified entities in the scope of the following services:

  • electro-galvanising
  • manganese and iron phosphate coating
  • anodising
  • powder coating
  • copper plating

We specialise in machining of the following materials:

  • structural, stainless, acid-resistant, free-machining steel,
  • non-ferrous metals: aluminium, copper, brass, bronze,
  • cast iron,
  • cast steel,
  • plastic materials.