EU funds effectively obtained by the company 2A allow for increase of production capacity, broadening of our offer and dynamic development during implementation of product projects, both in home and foreign market.

I Project  – completion in March 2018

  • Purchase and horizontal drilling – milling – boring machine TOS Varnsdorf WHQ 13 CNC

  • automatic tool store – up to 60 pcs

  • axis X = 6000 mm

  • axis Y = 3500 mm

  • axis Z = 2100 mm

  • turntable in axis B, type S18 with dimensions 2000 x 3000 mm and maximal working load up to 18 tonnes

II Project  – completion in March 2019

  • Construction of a production hall with the area of 2500 m²

  • Purchase of a set of overhead cranes with lifting capacity: 25t/5t; 12,5t; 5t

  • Purchase of 4-high hydraulic sheet rolling machine with roll diameter d350 mm, working length l = 3100 mm and maximal thickness of rolled material of 20 mm

III Project

  • Equipment of measurement chamber – measurement and control facilities  

  • Measuring arm

  • Laser tracker

  • Laser projectors 2 pcs

  • Videoscope

  • Defectoscope

  • Measuring table

  • Measuring tools (digital gauges, roughness meters, altimeters, digital slide calipers, micrometres)